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    Pilgrims, Funerals, and Cultural Changes

    Last updated 2 years ago

    During this time of year where we emulate the festive celebrations of the Pilgrims.  They had a rich culture and important figures that has not are not as iconic as the style and food. 

    One figure is William Brandford.  His journals from 1620-1647 were published under the title Of Plymouth Plantation.  He designated what is now considered Thanksgiving.  Bradford is one of the more influential of the Pilgrims.  He was buried on Burial Hill in Plymouth County in 1657 at the age of 67.  An obelisk tombstone marks his #grave.  This was later added. Photos of Burial Hill can be found here:

    The funeral ceremony of the pilgrims varied.  Most funerals the first year were brief due to harsh living situation and the inability to devote time to mourning.  There was no funeral plans or funeral preplanning.  The deceased were transported up Cole’s hill and placed in graves dug from sandy soil.  These were not marked with stone but wooden crosses.  There were not #funeralhomes or #cremation, or lasting markers.

    This greatly differs from our current honoring of the deceased.  What we consider a #traditionalfuneralservice today is not actually what #funeralarrangements were in the past. Our culture has come to embrace the mourning process more.   #Funeralservices play a big part in our mourning process.  Our lifestyle can now accommodate time to properly greave the loss of a loved one.  In the Tulsa area and throughout the country, there are many funeral homes to meet ones needs.  Staffed by cremation planners and funeral directors, these employees can help guide you through the process. 

    Advanced funeral arrangements are common and the funeral directors at - Cremation Society of Oklahoma can help. Call (918) 645-2130 to get in touch with a certified funeral and cremation service provider near you.

    Loss & Communication During the Holidays

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Suffering a loss is never easy.  The emotional impact of losing a loved one around the holidays is amplified. What adds to the stress is making decisions about #funeralarrangements, cremations, and #cemeteries

    Death seems to be the only thing we can be sure of in life and yet seems to be one of the least openly discussed topics.  #Funeralprearrangements and #cremationprearrangements are difficult subjects to think about and yet to plan #funeralarrangements ahead of time can be one of the most loving acts we do for those that will be left after our death.

    How does one go about prearranging funeral plans?

    Locate a funeral home that is centrally located to your loved ones and that is covenant.  Walk into the premises and introduce yourself to the funeral director.  Consider him your concierge into the world of #prearrangedfuneral services.   He will be able to explain to you the wide variety of #funeral plans available. A #funeraldirector should be informative but not pushy.


    Funeral prearrangements can be a delicate decision making process.  Choose an option that would suit your sensibility and that of your loved ones.  This can range from; #traditionalfuneral services, to intimate gatherings in smaller rooms at #funeralhomes, to a big #militaryfuneral


    Price should be a consideration.  Do not hesitate asking #funeraldirectors about discount cremation or low-cost cremation services.  In this time of economic hardship, inquiring about affordable cremation is reasonable.   It is understandable if you adjust your cremation plan due to price.  Be careful to not make too many compromises to your initial vision due to price.  You are planning in advance to ensure your loved ones have less decision making.   Your #funeralarrangements should keep their sensibilities in consideration as much as price.


    Once funeral prearrangements are made, let your loved ones know what are your funeral or cremation plans. Let them know that you trust their judgment but have made future funeral plans out of respect for what possible hardships might be present after your death. 


    Holidays are the time for family togetherness.  If there is an opportunity for you to broach the subject of funeral arrangements, consider taking it.  Planning ones #funeral is not indicative of having a morbid fascination or preoccupation with death.  It can be one of the most practical and helpful things we can provide loved ones. - Cremation Society of Oklahoma provides a wide range of funeral, cremation, and other end-of-life services for those residing in Oklahoma. Please contact us at (918) 645-2130 to learn more about how we can help you through this difficult time.

    "Always go to the funeral."

    Last updated 2 years ago

    A 2005 NPR piece by Deirdre Sullivan is receiving new life thanks to social media like Facebook and Twitter.  The touching piece is a recounting of Sullivan’s father’s words for her to “always go to the funeral.”  He encourages her that though she might feel uncomfortable, it is an important act and that one does these things “for the family.”

    She has followed her father’s words for her life and doesn’t report regret.  Sullivan highlights the importance of memorial services.  #Funeralservices offer us a space to grieve collectively for the loss of a loved one.  #Funeralarrangements vary but all serve the purpose of honoring the life of the deceased.  

    #Memorialservices are important for traditional burials and simple cremations.  When #funeralplanning, it is best not to overlook the power and importance of a service. Funeral plans should represent the personality and style of the deceased. 

    At a memorial service there is always the stress of how to appropriately comfort those close to the deceased.  Know that the most important thing is to, like Deirdre Sullivan’s father suggested, to show up.  Just being present and sitting with someone while they are grieving is a valueless gift. If the funeral is out of town, flowers are a great alternative.  Your funeral director or funeral planner will have suggestions on preferred florists.

    #DeirdreSullivan article and audio can be found here:

    Are you looking for a reputable #Tulsafuneralhome to help you make funeral and memorial service arrangements for your loved one? At - Cremation Society of Oklahoma (#CremationSocietyofOklahoma), you can find useful information about the certified funeral and cremation services available in the area. To speak with a #funeral services professional today, call (918) 645-2130.



    Edward Abbey and Nontraditional Burials

    Last updated 2 years ago

    “The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.”

    ~Edward Abbey

    Writer Edward Abbey’s life was nontraditional and so were his funeral plans.  He played the role of #funeralorganizer and #funeraldirector when he requested, “I want my body to help fertilize the growth of a cactus or cliff rose or sagebrush or tree.”  Having spent the majority of his life in nature, it seemed fitting to him when making his #funeralpreplan to be buried in nature.

    This has become known as an “Abbey burial” and is illegal in most places.  However, one can understand the desire to be in nature.  If this is your #funeral wishes or that of a loved one, talk with your #funeraldirector about possible options.

    #Crematorium services allow for the greater flexibility.  Ashes can be scattered in one or several locations.  Some loved ones chose to hold onto some ashes in their home and find this offers a sense of comfort.  #Affordablecremations services can also provide less of a financial strain on loved ones.

    Part of Abbey’s funeral pre arrangement involved his memorial service.  He stated, “No formal speeches desired, though the deceased will not interfere if someone feels the urge. But keep it all simple and brief. “  His humor is apparent in wishes but it was also clear to his loved ones what he wanted. #Traditionalfuneral services are not aligned with everyone’s style or wishes.  This is the benefit of discussing with a funeral director and loved ones your specific wishes.  Though no #funeralhome would assist in any illegal activity, #funeralhomes do go to great lengths to fulfill funeral plans.  Talk with a memorial planner and see what is possible.

    Edward Abbey’s burial was eccentric but it helps serve as a reminder of the myriad of funeral wishes out there. - Cremation Society of Oklahoma, provides a variety of end-of-life options for those living in the greater Tulsa area. We can assist you with pre-planning your own funeral, or help you arrange services for a loved one. To learn more about our cremation or #funeral home services, please call us at (918) 645-2130.




    Holiday Grave & Funeral Decorations and Flowers

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Comfort can be found in the flowers that are given to us or in selecting those for a memorial service.  Floral arrangements are a tribute incorporated in about every funeral service. With the death of a loved one, we are left with difficult feelings. There is a meaning and nuance to the flowers selected, this is something you want to consider when making a #funeral plan.  #Memorialservices in various cultures and religions use flowers to commemorate the loss of a loved one. Here is some help for you in floral sections for #funeralservices.

    The Age of the Deceased

    Funeral flower selection should also consider the age of the deceased. Traditional flowers and arrangements are typically used for older adults. Children, on the other hand, are often honored with bright-colored flowers, which may be arranged in the shape of a favorite toy or cartoon character. 

    Religion and Funeral Flowers
    Some flowers have a symbolic meaning for certain religious affiliations. White lilies, for example, have a longstanding tradition of honoring lost loved ones in several religions prominent in Asia. These are subtly but important to consider.  One would not want to select a flower with the wrong connotation.  Peach Blossoms are general given to brides to symbolize long-life and generosity.  Your local florist and funeral director will be able to assist you.  You want to also check to make sure that flowers are appropriate. Sometimes a family wishes for a donation to a certain organization.  Other times, flowers are uncommon in a handful of #religiousfuneral rites

    Flowers and Personality

    With any type of #funeralplanning or funeral preplanning, personality should also be considered when floral arrangements for a funeral service. If the individual whose life you are honoring had a favorite flower, try to incorporate that flower into the floral arrangements displayed.  If you have questions about the appropriateness, ask your funeral organizer or #funeraldirector.

    Are you a Tulsa area resident who is in need of funeral planning assistance? From burial and cremation services to floral arrangement selection assistance, there is a funeral service provider in the Tulsa area who can help with your every need. To learn more about the dedicated funeral homes in the area, visit or call (918) 645-2130.


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